About the Firm

You can expect personal and comprehensive attention regarding your case. We provide private parties and businesses with comprehensive consultation in single cases as well as in long-term fee-based cases. Because our attorneys specialize in different areas of expertise, we can give advice that is based on specific areas of the law and consultation you can trust. We will develop, in concert with you, the best resolution for your case. We develop in cooperation with you solutions that were arrived by mutual agreement. In order to find the best resolution for your case, the close cooperation with our clients is of utmost importance.

Experience has taught us that especially in the business sector a long-term relationship that covers all areas between client and consultants is quite beneficial since problems can be avoided

from the start and contracts can be conceptualized in a reliable manner. This will assure the early intervention to any conflicts that might be arising; should it turn into a legal case, the enforcement of our client interests will be guaranteed.